O Caso Farewell 2009

The French intelligence service alerts the U.S. about a Soviet spy operation during the height of the Cold War, which sets off an unfortunate chain of events.

All Titles
  • FR: L'affaire Farewell L'affaire Farewell
  • BG: Аферата Феъруел Аферата Феъруел
  • FI: Koodinimi: Farewell Koodinimi: Farewell
  • FR: The Farewell Affair The Farewell Affair
  • GR: Fakelos Farewell Fakelos Farewell
  • GR: Ypothesi Farewell Ypothesi Farewell
  • GR: Υπόθεση Farewell Υπόθεση Farewell
  • HU: Az utolsó kém Az utolsó kém
  • HU: A Farewell ügy A Farewell ügy
  • NO: Farewell Farewell
  • PL: Kryptonim Farewell Kryptonim Farewell
  • RU: Прощальное дело Прощальное дело
  • ES: El caso Farewell El caso Farewell
  • SE: Farewell Farewell
  • TR: Elveda Elveda
  • FR: Farewell Farewell
  • FR: The Farewell Affair The Farewell Affair
Directed by Christian Carion
Artists John Wayne
as Himself (archive footage)
Willem Dafoe
as Feeney
Emir Kusturica
as Grigoriev
Release date 23 Sep 2009
Genre Drama Romance Thriller
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