Sisters 1996

Follows the lives and loves of four close, but very different, sisters of the Reed family living in Winnetka, Illinois.

All Titles
  • US: Sisters Sisters
  • FI: Rakkaat siskot Rakkaat siskot
  • FR: Les soeurs Reed Les soeurs Reed
  • DE: Ein Strauß Töchter Ein Strauß Töchter
  • US: Сестры Сестры
  • ES: Hermanas Hermanas
  • SE: Systrar Systrar
Artists Ashley Judd
as 32 episodes, 1991-1994
Denise Crosby
as 1 episode, 1995
Kirsten Dunst
as 2 episodes, 1993
Release date 11 May 1991
Genre Drama
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